Natural Eco Wood Firelighters

Natural Eco Wood Firelighters – Wood Wool Flame Fire Starters Great for Lighting Fires in Stoves, BBQ’s, Pizza Ovens & Smokers, Safe Charcoal Starter for Lighting A Charcoal Barbecue (200pc)



You can enjoy the ease of having 200 Natural Firelighters included in each box. They are an eco-friendly and effective way to start your flames. A single flame fire starter, when combined with a lighter is all you need to get your fire burning. The firelighters aren’t just useful, but they also make the perfect Christmas present. They are easy to light and keep the flame for a long time of as long as 10 minutes. This makes them perfect to ignite both kindling and coal in open fires as well as multi-fuel burners. They are made from environmentally friendly materials such as Wood Wool & Wax, these firelighters don’t odor and quickly ignite and are a must for those who cook using wood. If you’re using them to light fireplaces, wood burners barbecues, or even campfires, these firelighters are extremely user-friendly and will ensure quick start of your fire. They’re eco-friendly and make an ideal alternative over traditional firelighters. And when combined with dried logs that have been kiln-dried They can also reduce the need to light with three pieces. Take advantage of a simple, green fire-starting with these simple-to-light firelighters that are designed to keep your fires going for 10 minutes, creating the ideal basis for a cozy fire.


Lighting Firelighters
Lighting Firelighters


LIGHTING Instructions:

  • Set the firelighters on flames and then light the firelighter. They light quickly, so be careful not to hold the firelighters while they are in flames.
  • When the entire firelighter is lit, put additional kindling to entrap those flames.
  • You will only require one to light your fire.




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