Solo Stove Yukon

Solo Stove Yukon

The Yukon is the largest Solo Stove fire pit, measuring 27 inches, and producing the hottest, most intense fire to enhance your time with friends and family. S’mores and hot dogs are delicious; relax by the fire. The base plate and ash pan are removable on the new 2.0 version for simple cleaning.
MORE FLAME, LESS SMOKE The camp stove has a double wall construction with bottom vent holes enabling oxygen to feed the fire from below, creating a burst of hot air over the fire and eliminating smoke without the need for batteries or fans like your fireplaces. It also has our signature 360° Airflow. Enjoy a fire without smelling like one afterward in your clothes and hair.
LONG LIVING AND REMOVABLE ASH PAN: 304 stainless steel is incredibly strong, surprisingly light, and won’t melt when subjected to the heat of an extremely hot flame. Our brand-new, detachable ash pan fits beneath the base plate and collects all the fine ash there. Simply lift the base plate to remove the ash pan, empty it of its contents, and you’re done with cleanup!

STAND TO PROTECT SENSITIVE SURFACES: Utilize your Yukon camp stove to its fullest potential by expanding its applications! Our camping supplies provide you the freedom to utilize your fire pit on more heat-sensitive surfaces because they have enough of airflow.

EASY TO USE: Creating memorable memories ought to be simple. The construction of this patio heater does not require any parts or assembly at all! Bring it with you to tailgating or camping from your backyard patio! Outdoor fire pits that are 19.8 x 27 inches in size.

Yukon Specifications

Our largest fire pit, the Yukon, was created to host grand events in your own backyard. Yukon makes a gorgeous centrepiece for your family and friends to congregate around and create memories, whether you have a large space or want to make a big impact.

Our more “fixed” unit is Yukon, which stands in contrast to Ranger and Bonfire (it weighs 45lbs). Groups of all sizes can enjoy the warmth of the fire because to its extra-large size. We have observed the following uses:

Make a stylish backyard environment

Start a new family custom by the fire

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family in the backyard.

Our more “fixed” unit is Yukon, which stands in contrast to Ranger and Bonfire (it weighs 45lbs). Up to sixteen people can comfortably share the fire’s warmth thanks to its extra-large size.



Air is drawn through the bottom vent holes by rising hot air and the lack of oxygen produced by the combustion process. Through the vent openings at the top of the burn chamber, warm air is also boosted while feeding the fire at the base of the flame.

Raised Ash Pan
catches stray ash and keeps it from obstructing essential airflow. Additionally serving as a heat screen, the ash pan minimises heat transfer from your bonfire to the ground below it.

Precision Base Plate
enables oxygen to be delivered straight from below to the embers. As a result, biofuel burns more quickly and intensely while ash from the combustion process can be removed.

Secondary Burn

Preheated oxygen can fuel the flame through vent holes towards the top of the burn chamber, resulting in more thorough combustion and a hotter, less smokey fire.

Yukon Review

You’ve never seen a fire pit like the Solo Stove Yukon UK before! In order to create a portable fire pit that can be used at home or while travelling, we employed the same unique technology that has been refined. What’s best? There was almost no smoke, just lovely ash! In addition to being simple to clean up, the Yukon won’t make you smell like a campfire. Your family and friends will enjoy huddling around the Yukon, which draws its power from wood and produces a secondary burn and a lovely flame.

Smoke-Free Fire

quickly provides you with a roaring smoke. The most effective materials for lighting up your Yukon are hardwoods. You can select oak, which burns more slowly than other types of wood, or birch, maple, hickory.

For Everyone

When filled, the flame may reach a height of 4 feet, allowing you to feel the affection and camaraderie of your loved ones. With the help of an extra-large fire pit, create enduring memories with the people who are important to you.

The Biggest Flame Out There

Your Yukon fire pit’s flame won’t let you down at your festive outdoor events. You will be mesmerised by its secondary burn due to its enormous size!