Solo Stove Pi Shelter | Protective Cover for Pi Pizza Oven

Solo Stove Pi Shelter


PIZZA OVEN PROTECTION: The necessary item created to safeguard. Shelter is weather resistant, keeping elements outside your Pi while giving your Pi a contemporary look even while protected. It isn’t merely for aesthetic sake.

PROTECT: To ensure that your happy memories last for a brighter day, the weather-resistant PVC-lined cover shields your Pi from all-season detritus.

A perfect fit for the Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is provided by extra pockets and velcro attachments for each fuel assembly.

LONG-LASTING: Made of Premium Acrylic, the shelter has an elegant appearance and meets industry standards for UV tolerance to prevent fading.

The Solo Stove Pi Collection honours aspiring craftspeople and their search for the ideal equipment. The approachable design of Pi sets the stage for your most genuine experience, which is then deepened by necessary additions. Enjoy handcrafted works with Shelter.

BrandSolo Stove
Finish typePolished
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas
Wattage1 Milliwatts

Solo Stove Pi Cover

Your Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven is the ideal match for Shelter. Shelter is not simply for aesthetic purposes; it is weather- and dust-resistant, keeping elements outside your Pi. The PVC-lined Premium Acrylic Shelter is meant to withstand strong winds while shielding your Pi from dampness. It maintains your lawn looking contemporary while also being very functional.


Your Pi is shielded from seasonal detritus by the weather-resistant PVC-lined cover, preserving your happy memories for a brighter day.


The premium outdoor-rated fabric will complement your outdoor settings with its polished appearance and industry-standard UV tolerance for fade-resistance.

Perfect fit

Shelter fits perfectly thanks to additional pockets and velcro attachments for each fuel component.