Solo Stove Lite UK

Solo Stove Lite

Winner of the Gear of the Year award is the original, incredibly lightweight Solo Stove.
Less smoke thanks to a patented design that uses a special double wall to provide secondary combustion and ultra-clean gasification. Fuel can burn more thoroughly and cleanly as a result.
FUEL IS FREE: You won’t need to pay for white petrol or pricey liquid canister fuel anymore.
SLIM AND SHORT BOIL TIME: water is heated in 8–10 mines (34 flu oz. water). 3.8″/5.7″ tall (packed/assembled), 4.25″ Diameter. Solo Stove is only 9 ounces in weight. made from chrome wire and fine stainless steel. Included is a nylon stuff sack.
Small SPACE SAVING DESIGN: The companion Solo Stove Pot 900 (not included) nests inside the compact Solo Stove design, giving you extra room in your backpack.


  • Packed size: Height 3.8 inches, Width 4.25 inches
  • Assembled size: Height 5.7 inches, Width 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  • Fuel: sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
  • Boil time: 8-10 mins (32 fl oz of water)

Solo Stove Lite Review

Any backpacker’s bag would benefit from having the Solo Burner Lite Plus Pot 900ml as a compact cooking stove for one to two persons. With the help of this incredibly efficient stove, you can now reduce your pack weight and environmental impact.

The air intake slots on the bottom draw air in toward the fuel source as the Lite burns small twigs and sticks to feed the fire (or an alcohol burner). A secondary combustion results in a hotter fire with less smoke because the double-wall structure allows air to be heated up as it is drawn in and delivered out the top vents, delivering an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen.

The Solo Stove Lite UK is designed for people who are eager to explore, quickly boil some water, and continue hiking. Lite is the ideal ultra-light camp stove for keeping your bag light and prepared to go without needing to bring fuel with you because it weighs less than a pound.

You may create enduring memories at the camping by using our Solo Stove Camp stoves. With just one small camp stove, you can prepare a filling meal, top it off with marshmallows for dessert, and enjoy the captivating flame. For hiking excursions, survival training, backpacking, or any other activity requiring portable yet practical equipment, our lightweight and small wood burning stoves are perfect. Additionally, it avoids the need to transport bulky, expensive, and polluting canister fuels. Simply place your stove in the provided Nylon packing pouch when you’re ready to go on.

Built to Last

Every single Solo Stove is expertly crafted to be free of material and craftsmanship flaws for the duration of the product. Purchase with complete assurance knowing that you are protected.

Efficient outdoor equipment

You can roast, boil, or cook anything that comes to mind. The Solo Stove Campfire allows you to cook food for you and your trekking companion while boiling 32 fl oz of water in about 8–10 minutes.

Signature 360° Airflow Design

The Solo Stove has a double wall design and special airflow characteristics that greatly increase its efficiency. The air intake ports on the bottom of the stove direct air toward the hearth while also directing warm air upward between the stove’s sides. A secondary combustion is brought on by the sudden influx of warmed oxygen that is sent back into the firebox through the smaller holes at the top of the stove.

Wood Burning Stove

Our stoves burn wood effectively and cleanly. We can find fuel wherever our activities take us by using wood. Any dry twigs, pinecones, or leaves may burn, but we advise using dry hard woods for maximum effectiveness.