Solo Stove Bonfire

Bonfire 1.0 with Stand

Bonfire 1.0 with Stand

Material Stainless Steel
Product dimensions 55.9D x 55.9W x 43.2H centimetres
Style Minimalist
Brand Solo Stove
Finish type Polished
Shape Round
Item weight 21.75 Pounds
Fuel type Wood
Assembly required No

Bonfire 2.0 with Stand


Bonfire 2.0 with Stand
MaterialStainless Steel
Product dimensions55.9D x 55.9W x 43.2H centimetres
BrandSolo Stove
Finish typePolished
Item weight9 Kilograms
Fuel typeWood
Assembly requiredNo


MOST UNIQUE FIRE PIT: With its all-stainless steel structure, the Solo Stove Bonfire pushes the boundaries of outdoor minimalist design and combustion airflow efficiency. It was skillfully designed to deliver an unrivaled outdoor fire experience. On Kickstarter, our patent-pending design raised more than $1.1 million.
The camping stove’s double wall construction maximizes ventilation and the burning process. SECONDARY COMBUSTION In addition to directing warm oxygen up between the stove’s walls and back into the fire, bottom vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below.
A MORE COMPLETE BURN: A more complete burn means the top vents burn up the tiny particles that would have formed smoke. There won’t be any more half-burned wood to deal with, as well.
Almost no smoke produced by the bonfire means you won’t have to spend as much time avoiding it, and your clothing won’t smell like a campfire. More camping or backyard memories will be made around the magnificent Solo Stove portable fire pit.
EASY TO USE & PORTABLE: There are no parts or assembly required with this camping stove’s unique design! Bring it with you to tailgating or camping from your backyard patio! Excellent for campers and RVs! Size of the camping fire pit is 19.5 x 14.

What is Solo Stove Bonfire Pit?

The smokeless, wood-burning Solo Stove Fire Pit 2.0 is the perfect size for gatherings of three to five people. This double-wall fire pit, like the original Bonfire, is made of sturdy stainless steel. It weighs roughly 22 pounds, with a diameter of 19.5 inches, and a height of 14 inches. For $299.99, you can have the set, which includes the fire pit body, stand, ash pan, fire base, flame ring, and heavy-duty travel bag.

You can set up the Bonfire 2.0 outside on most flat surfaces, including heat-sensitive ones like wood decking or grass, using the included stainless steel stand (which was sold separately on the prior model). Only 6 feet from walls, fences, or other vertical surfaces are needed, and there must be at least 15 feet of overhead space. Firewood logs up to 16 inches in length can be handled in the burn chamber due to its size.


The Bonfire 2.0’s twin wall design, like the original, is essential to providing a nearly smokeless fireside experience. The top of the inner wall is surrounded by air vent holes, and the bottom of the outer wall is surrounded by air intake holes. Fresh air is drawn in at the base as a result of the air between the walls heating up and expanding while the fire burns. Any smoke particles that come into contact with the extremely hot, oxygen-rich air as it exits the vent holes may catch fire. Bright flames flow through the vent holes, increasing the fire’s total brightness and velocity, creating a striking visual effect.


The new design efficiently reduces almost all of the firewood to fine ash, just like its predecessor. The new removable fire base and ash pan, which greatly simplify cleanup without compromising the vital airflow design, mark the 2.0 as the main departure from the original. It required shaking and spinning in order to remove all of the original’s residual ash. Ash was left inside and it was impossible to clean up without spreading it. On the other hand, emptying the 2.0 is as easy as taking out the fire base, lifting out the ash pan, and dumping it.

Bonfire Pit Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Solo Stove Bonfire.
Pros of SoloStove Bonfire
  • The new bonfire 2.0 has Same look, feel, and smokeless burning capability as the original.
Cons of SoloStove Bonfire
  • Burns up more firewood faster than conventional campfires
  • Heat goes straight up

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