Solo Stove Heat Deflectors UK

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Solo Stove Ranger Heat Deflector

3 Detachable Legs, Accessory for Ranger Fire Pit, Captures and Redirects Warmth, 304 Stainless Steel

Solo Stove Ranger Heat Deflector

Spread the warmth from your fire with the Ranger’s redirected trademark heat. Heat Deflector enlarges Ranger’s heat radius to provide space for more guests or year-round outdoor comfort.
EFFECTIVE: Heat Deflector collects and distributes the warmth to the areas where you need it most when hot air rises and disperses. The aimless heat will be subdued by the precision-angle center cone and deflection disc, allowing you to quickly discover fireside comfort.
LONG-LASTING 304 STAINLESS STEEL: Heat Deflector and Ranger are made to last a lifetime of happy memories. Place in Station, handle with Gloves, or restock with fire pit Tools. The foldable and convenient design of the Heat Deflector complements your preferred Solo Stove accessories.
EASY TO USE: Place the deflection disc directly over the flame ring or over Ranger with Hub. Warming up is still as easy as starting the fire thanks to detachable legs that latch and lock into position without the use of any additional tools or accessories.

Ranger Heat Deflector

The heat radius of your Ranger fire pit is enlarged by the Heat Deflector to accommodate additional guests or year-round outdoor relaxation. Heat Deflector gathers and directs hot air where it is most needed as it rises and disperses. With genuine warmth, take advantage of being outside all year long to get closer to the people that matter most to you. Heat Deflector adapts to your fire pit experience and is compatible with the majority of accessories, producing special moments.

How Heat Deflector Works

How Heat Deflector works

Put the deflector on the fire once it has started to ember up in the fire pit.

gloved in a hot environment pit. Make that the legs or Hub are securely nested inside the fire pit’s outer lip. Heat Deflector was designed to work perfectly with Ranger and has a sturdy build that gives it the power to control the irrational heat. Heat Deflector bears the force of the flame by pressing into a precisely angled disc, which directs heat downward rather than upward. With Heat Deflector, you can divert your Ranger’s distinctive heat while encouraging vital airflow.

Adaptable design

When Heat Deflector is placed on top of Ranger, it has secure latch-and-lock detachable legs that can be swiftly fitted. For a smooth transition from open fire cooking to fireside heating, the deflection disc can also be used with Ranger Hub. You can refill the fire while promoting airflow and Ranger’s distinctive secondary burn thanks to the ingenious design that leaves ample space between Heat Deflector and Ranger.


Heat Deflector, made of 304 stainless steel, is designed to last a lifetime of happy memories with Ranger. Some soot will accumulate on the bottom of the Heat Deflector UK after a few uses. To polish Heat Deflector’s surfaces, use a dry cloth and a gentle cleaner.