Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower – Corded

Brand Bosch Home and Garden
Power source Corded Electric
Material Polymer
Colour Rotak 34R
Style Rotak 34R
Item weight 24.47 Pounds
Cutting width 34 Centimetres
Operation mode Manual
EU Spare Part Availability Duration 1 Years

This lawn mower boasts a convenient feature for larger gardens: a large-capacity 40-litre grass box. This means you’ll spend less time emptying clippings and more time mowing, minimizing interruptions. While the mower itself may arrive with the front two wheels already attached, the back two wheels can be found conveniently located in the back cover of the mower. Please note that the handle that comes with this mower is a double folded handle, not a double handle. It’s also worth mentioning that the wheels are included with the grass box itself.



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