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If you have searched about the best fireplace store near me, you are on the right place. We are here to help you finding the best fireplace near you.  With a huge variety of fireplaces you can grab the best deal that can make a great experience for you. Whether you looking for electric fireplaces near me or gas fire place near me, you can find resources that can guide you in the right direction. are Here are some of the best fireplaces for you. 

Wärme Firebox Panoramic 100-100″/254cm Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric Fireplace with Multi Flame Colours 1400W/1600W (100″)

Wärme Firebox Panoramic Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric Fireplace

With a heater that has an inbuilt fan, this wall mounted electric fireplace is sure to keep your home warm and cozy during cold days. The 1600 and 1400 W outputs have adjustable heating settings that range from 18-30deg C, while remaining safe to touching, which is great to families that have children as well as pets. With an adjustable flame bed and flame colors, as well as five different brightness levels, you are able to personalize the 100″ electric fireplace to suit your style or decor.

Wärme Firebox Panoramic Fireplace

Set up this fireplace on the wall by hanging the unit (bracket provided) or plugging it into an existing wall cavity. To mount it to the wall, simply screw the bracket onto the wall (screws included) and then add the fireplace to bracket, then put the lock pieces on the bracket’s top to ensure the fireplace is secured. It’s as simple as it sounds. 

SEI Furniture Merrimack Faux Stone Convertible Electric Corner Fireplace

SEI Furniture Merrimack Faux Stone Convertible Electric Corner Fireplace

Rustic cottage chic is brought to life with this clean White electric fireplace. Woodwork of a high quality is adorns the pilasters that frame the white faux stones stacked. A simple corner convertible tab will ensure there is no wasted space. Set this fireplace against the wall with a flat surface or create a with corner-friendly functionality and let the traditional look of your dining room, living room or even your room. LEDs that are energy efficient light the fire, providing a cost efficient method to create a sense of happiness in any space without the need for professional installation. The remote control is user-friendly and offers four ways to adjust your fireplace from the comfort of your couch. The logs and the flames come with a 5-level adjustment or off. A shutoff feature that is automatic and glass that is cold to touch will ensure the fireplace stays warm. Switch off the heat and take in the ambience of your fireplace all All year long!

DIMPLEX IgniteXL 60-in Electric Fireplace w/Driftwood Log Kit

The Dimplex IgniteXL 74-In Electric Fireplace is a stunning device that can be used as a focal point in commercial and residential spaces. The edge-to-edge glass front offers a vast and awe-inspiring view angle of the realistic flame effects. The exclusive MultiFire XD flame technology creates an artificial fire effect that resembles real gas flames when they appear and fade depending on the contemporary acrylic Ice ember bed or the more traditional driftwood log sets. The unit does not only give a convincing flame, but it also comes with diverse color themes that can be used to create a unique appearance. Create a fake fire that matches your personal style and mood. With the size of 74″ wide the built-in fireplace is an impressive statement and creates a cozy and warm area for you and your family guests.

Salerno Ivory Electric Fireplace (Ivory)

Salerno Ivory Electric Fireplace (Ivory)

Bring a traditional and comfortable feature into your home is easy thanks to this Salerno Ivory Electric Fireplace. The fluted columns and the decorative scroll work make this mantel for fireplaces a classic piece. This timeless fixture is now simpler to put in, and does not needing an electrician or a contractor. The collapsible panel can be used to allow this fireplace to be put in either in the corner or in a flush position against a wall. Because this fireplace isn’t installed, you can move it from room to room based on the location you’d like it to be and at what time. It is made of poplar wood MDF, metal, and glass. Available in ivory. The level of assembly and the difficulty is Moderate. 

FLAMME 72″/183cm Castello Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric Fireplace

FLAMME provides the ultimate touch to your home. It’s warmth and style. Our fireplaces are designed to meet your needs.

FLAMME Castello Slim Frame Recessed Media Wall Inset Electric Fireplace

The fireplace can be installed safely beneath a TV on the media wall. It comes with an independently-operating flame effect to ensure the highest effectiveness. A slim aluminum trim is used to cover the area between the wall and the fireplace and allows for easy installation, without rough edges. With a dual flame style, it is possible to make the appearance of flames with orange as well as a variety of different shades. In addition, you can have the option of choosing from a range of fuel bed options, such as pebbles, logs, and crystals. Each can be lit in a variety of shades. To facilitate your operation it has remote control as well as app-based control.

Northwest 80-WSG02 White Electric Fireplace Color Changing Wall, 50

Bring the comfort and elegance of a real fireplace in your home, without any of the risk. With this gorgeous Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted, Color-changing Light and Remote with LED, 50, By Northwest (White). With its energy-saving LED technology and adjustable brightness, as well as multi-color flame effects, as well as three media backgrounds, you are able to instantly change your living space by the touch of the remote. It’s a classic, electric fireplace that’s an essential and functional that will fit in with any modern-day home! Beware of buying fake items and dealing with unauthorised sellers. Check for our logo on the packaging of each product we sell. Northwest is dedicated to offering customers the best value and price across our entire range of products. This we make sure to achieve by using a strict quality control procedure.

The product comes with a wall mount that has three different backgrounds including pebbles, logs and crystals. It is available in 10 colors and features white front panels, and has a remote control that can be used to turn it off or on and adjusting the temperature settings and all the while dimming your flame (batteries are included). The flame effect is able to be controlled in a separate manner and comes with two options for setting the heat level as well as an adjustable flame brightness. The safety of the user is guaranteed by the thermal cut-off device and it has an 71-inch cord. Power rating: 750/1500W at 120-110V with 60Hz. In terms of dimensions, it’s 5.5 inches long 50 inches in width in height, and 21.5 inches tall.

Hamilton Electric Fireplace – Portable Electric Fireplace

Hamilton Electric Fireplace - Portable Electric Fireplace

Its Hamilton electric stove by e-Flame USA delivers a classic flame with a dancing front in the tiniest of packages. There’s no need to be concerned about chimney fires or the cost of fuel or messy ashes from the real wood stove. With Hamilton, you don’t have to worry about chimney fires, expensive fuel and messy ashes Hamilton stove, you simply put it in the place you prefer and plug it into any common household outlet. This makes it ideal for office spaces, sunrooms and family rooms, or wherever you require extra warmth. It is equipped with the power of a fan-forced heater that can lower the temperature of your central furnace and reduce your heating costs. Its Hamilton Flame is enhanced thanks to its classic design and white-colored finish. The Hamilton is a strong heater during cold evenings; it will warm the room to up to 400 square. feet. and is cool to the touch, ensuring that pets and children are protected. It is also possible to use the stove without heating to enjoy all year round.

Northwest 42-Inch Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

The Wall-mounted is an elegantly designed electric fireplace heater that will enhance the ambience that any room. The black-framed fireplace can be conveniently placed in your living room or bedroom, cabin, dining area or office by using the mounting hardware and brackets. The modern design is enhanced by the use of stone pebbles or crystals that add modern touches to the decor of your home. The flame’s colour changes can be set to reflect orange, blue or a mix of the two, making it possible to customise it to your personal style.

Alongside its aesthetic appearance the fireplace is also energy efficient using the top venting LED technology that can warm rooms as large as 400 square feet with efficiency. It is possible to reduce energy use through setting up a set timer between 30 minutes and 4 hours. It can be that is easily controlled with the included remote or on the interior panel on the front of your fireplace.

Northwest 42-Inch Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

The versatility is a further feature of this fireplace as it comes with adjustable heating settings. You can select from both high (1500W) as well as low (750W) heating, or use the fireplace without heating which makes it ideal to be used all year round and ideal to add ambiance to commercial and residential spaces.

Built from coated steel, tempered and polished glass this fireplace has a long-lasting design. Its dimensions are (L) 42″ by (W) 4.75″ and (H) 20″ It also is equipped with a wide cord of 74 inches for a variety of installation options. Included in the set is the remote control stone pebbles, crystal stones, mounting equipment and brackets. The fireplace is coated in black, which adds a an elegant accent to your home decor.

Duraflame Infrared Quartz 3D 1500 W Black Curved Front Infrared Electric Fireplace

Duraflame Infrared Quartz 3D 1500 W Black Curved Front Infrared Electric Fireplace

To add warmth and romantic atmosphere to your house The Duraflame Infrared Quartz 3D Electric Stove Fireplace helps keep your living area or bedroom comfortable and warm throughout the year. With a stunning and sophisticated style, this heater is able to warm rooms that measure up to 1000 square feet, and provides as much as 1,500 Watts of power. Infragen’s Infragen heating technology allows for uniform heating of the air without degrading the traditional appearance of the stove it is designed to replicate traditional wood-burning stoves. 3D Flame Effect technology generates beautiful, warm, glowing flames that appear realistic and produce a romantic ambience that you’ll surely enjoy. With a programmable brightness it produces five different levels of lighting that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your space. A large front door made of mesh as well as 2 side panels made of wire can be opened to provide a three-sided glimpse of flames. They can also be shut to create a dimming space. Beautifully designed The Infrared Quartz 3D Electric Stove Fireplace by Duraflame lets you take pleasure in a warm, roaring fire without the hassle and mess of a genuine wood-burning stove.

Endeavour Fires Wykeham Electric Fireplace Suite

Endeavour Fires Wykeham Electric Fireplace Suite

This is a chic and contemporary wall mounted fireplace suite that has an off white, floor standing MDF mantle that has a shelf or log storage. The electric fireplace is easy to mount to the wall with the brackets that come with it and the mantle is then positioned so that the appear as if it is standing on its own. The log bed comes with 13 different mood lighting colors with a variety of brightness and intensity settings that can be adjusted. It offers a variety of interchangeable clear pebbles and resin crystals, and logs. The mantel also features LED lighting that is operated independently.

FAQs about Firelace Store Near Me

How to buy a wood-burning fireplace?

You can select any fireplace from the above given list. If you don’t find anyone, you can search for wood-burning fireplace near me. 

Which fireplace is best for heat?

Wärme Firebox Panoramic fireplace is the best fireplace for heat. 

How long does a wood-burning fireplace last?

The lifespan of a stove or fireplace that burns wood is between 10 – 20 years. You may need to repaint any areas of the mortar that is crumbling, and also ensure that your chimney is properly lined and insulated prior to you start burning wood or fuel in winter, particularly in the case of chimneys that are much older.

What is best wood for fireplace?
Hardwoods such as maple, oak and cherry, as well as ash as well as birch are the most popular kinds of firewood to use in the fireplace since they burn quickly, release very little smoke and an excellent energy output, which makes them perfect to warm homes and create an inviting atmosphere.
What are the disadvantages of a fireplace?
In addition to air quality issues fireplaces also bring a range of safety hazards to your home, including (but not just) an accidental fire spread, smoke inhalation burns as well as the leakage of carbon monoxide. This is why fireplaces must be properly maintained, according to Roydhouse.
Is a fireplace enough to heat a room?
A fireplace of the traditional kind won’t create enough heat to adequately warm your entire home. Fireplaces usually produce enough heat to warm the area they’re placed in and can be extremely effective in heating the space. To warm your entire house you’ll need an open fireplace in each room you wish to heat.


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