Solo Stove Station - Storage Rack

Aluminum Firewood Rack for Fire Pits, Patio Logs, and Outdoor Tools, Two Shelf Organization Log Rack, Dimensions: 133,3 x 87,6 x 60,9 cm, 21,3 kg, Grey

Solo Stove Station - Storage Rack

MaterialAluminum (storage rack), UVC Coated (cover)
ColourGrey Cover
Special featureDurability,Resistant
Product dimensions61D x 87W x 133.4H centimetres
Shelf typeTwo Shelf Organization

VERSATILE STORAGE SOLUTION: Because the Station offers a large amount of firewood storage capacity and coverage, your time spent reloading your outdoor firewood rack will be reduced. With its 24 inch deep firewood shelf outdoor log rack, two rows of 10 to 12 inch logs can be stored there.

Ideal for your single cooker: The Solo Stove Station has remained unchanged in appearance for a century. With a contemporary outdoor firewood rack backyard design, you may organise your storage to the best of your ability for your fire pits, logs, and other accessories.

POWDER COATED FOR DURABILITY: Station is made of cold-rolled aluminium that has been powder coated for durability and has a weight capacity of about 250 pounds. Because the fabric is solution-dyed, outdoor-rated, has industry-standard UV colour fastness, and is lined with abrasion-resistant PVC, it prevents liquid or water from condensing on the surface.
ABLE TO WITHSTAND EXTREME WEATHER The weather-resistant and waterproof cover shields your fire wood rack from seasonal stray debris or dust, providing complete defence with a neat appearance while allowing the fire woods to admit or emit air.

STORE FIREWOOD & FIRE PIT: The wood storage area at the station would always have space for your firewood and fire pit. Its universal tool rack and movable shelves let it to accommodate any stove of your choose, whether Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon, making it simple to store your equipment.



About Solo Stove Station

Your outdoor space is elevated by Station’s simple, long-lasting design, which also lets you keep your fire pit, accessories, and firewood all in one location. A durable, powder-coated cold rolled aluminium frame allows Station to handle any combination of Solo Stove equipment weighing up to 250 lbs.

The outdoor firewood rack has movable shelves that can accommodate any stove, accessories and firewood.

Make sure you have the ideal place to store your fire pit, its accessories, and the firewood. Station is capable of withstanding the challenges that life presents.

With its physical storage construction of aluminium and waterproof, weather-resistant UVC coated cover, it not only stores your fire pits and logs but also shields them from seasonal detritus. to keep your cooking gear secure and accessible at all times Additionally, the station offers numerous side brackets that can be hidden when not in use.

It only takes 15 minutes to put together this outdoor firewood rack with cover and all of its parts. It is extremely convenient, easy to put together, and makes the ideal house or store for your outdoor activities.