Solo Stove Ranger

Solo Stove Ranger

The Solo Stove Ranger, one of our most portable outdoor fire pits or camping heaters, pushes the boundaries of portability and combustion airflow efficiency. Its ability to produce a low smoke fire that cannot be matched was beautifully created. Pre-orders for this wood stove with a patent pending design totaled $1. 7 million on Kickstarter in 2018.
MORE FLAME, LESS SMOKE With bottom vent holes that allow oxygen to feed the fire from below while the double walls warm it, the camping stove’s double wall design maximizes airflow and the burning process. This reduces smoke without the use of batteries or fans like home fireplaces.
AN EFFICIENTER BURN A more thorough burn means that the top vents burn up the tiny particles that would have formed smoke. It also means that an indoor fire pit with no smoke won’t need to deal with any more partially burned logs.
Rangers Standing Utilize your Ranger portable stove to its fullest potential by putting it to greater use! The stand accessory’s adequate airflow enables you to use your portable fire pit on surfaces that are more heat-sensitive.
EASY TO USE & PORTABLE: No parts or assembly are required with this patio heater because of its unique design! Bring it with you to tailgating or camping from your backyard patio! Excellent for campers and RVs! Small fire pit for outdoor fireplace, 15 x 12.5″ in dimension.

Ranger Specifications

The Ranger fire pit from Solo Stove is the smallest. Due to its compact size and portability, it is ideal for rooftop decks and patios on smaller homes.

Most Ranger owners may be seen traveling, sharing stories by the fire, and packing up the following day to start the same process over. It’s ideal for the patio, deck, or dock. We’ve also noticed the following applications:

Vanlifers are people who live their ideal mobile lifestyle.
retired people driving their RV through the countryside.
urban dwellers establishing their own personal natural retreat.
Smaller groups of people can fit comfortably around the Ranger as well, making for the ideal intimate date night. We’ve seen dozens of folks surrounding the Ranger warming up on the beach after hitting the waves.

How Ranger Works?


To fuel the fire, cool air enters through the bottom vents and travels between the two layers of stainless steel where it is heated. Cool air entering the bottom vents enables the fire to constantly have a plenty of oxygen.

Raised Ash Pan

In order to retain the embers and coals and prevent airflow obstruction, the ash pan is raised. Additionally, it is raised to safeguard the ground below.

Base Plate

The base plate permits the fire to receive constant air while enabling the burned ash to fall into the ash pan. This guarantees that no wood is wasted! Fire wood burns more effectively than in conventional fire pits because more oxygen can get to the fuel source.

Secondary Burn

The magic happens right here! Warm air is pushed out over the fire as it enters the double wall structure. This causes a second burn, which extinguishes the little wood particles that would have been smoke. The distinctive flame pattern that so many customers adore is also produced by these higher vents!

Less smoke equals more fun, so pretty soon you’ll be looking for any justification to pick up the family or friends and head outside to congregate around this fire pit!

Ranger Review

The Solo Stove Ranger UK utilizes our revolutionary design in a smaller, more portable design. The Ranger swiftly sets up and ignites, enabling you to have a no-trace fire outside of your backyard. Without the use of batteries or fans, the double-wall construction produces a blast of hot air over the fire that reduces smoke. Ranger burns wood so effectively that all that is left afterward is ultra-fine ash, making cleanup as simple as throwing the used ash in the trash.

Travel Friendly

The Solo Stove collection’s smallest fire pit. The Ranger is ideal for people who live on the go, in limited places, and in cities. Flipping the top ring and lighting your fire is all that is required for setup. I’m done now!

Low Smoke
You won’t have to switch seats to escape smoke every time the wind changes thanks to the Ranger’s distinctive design. Every seat surrounding this fire pit is the best seat possible thanks to our design!

Gather Together
We are confident that you will have wonderful moments with your Ranger, whether you use it to toast marshmallows while camping or as the ideal backyard atmosphere for your summer party.