Best Brick Fire Pit Ideas

Brick fire pits offer many possibilities when it comes to warming your backyard. You can build your own or have one installed, choosing from round, square, or even unique shapes. You can incorporate built-in seating for a permanent gathering spot, or keep it freestanding for flexible furniture arrangements. There is a wide range of colors from rustic red to modern whitewashed allowing you to create a classic or contemporary look. Check out the given fire pits to complement your outdoor area.

Fire Pit with Decorative Stones

Fill It with Decorative Stones

A modern painted white brick fire pit, designed by Mindy Gayer Design Co., complements the outdoor decor and landscaping of this pool patio courtyard. The white brick base brightens the space, while a clean-lined concrete top and large charcoal fire pit stones add contrasting elements for a contemporary feel.

Multipurpose Fire Pit

Multi purpose fire pit idea

Kate Marker Interiors designed a clever solution for maximizing outdoor space functionality. A white metal perforated cage cover transforms the fire pit into a stylish coffee table during the day. Simply remove the cover to enjoy the fire pit whenever desired. This is ideal for hot climates where fire pit use is limited or for anyone seeking to get the most out of their outdoor space.

Salvaged Bricks


B Vintage Style’s Deborah built a fire pit in her vast backyard using French bargain bricks. The minimalist design ensures easy mowing, while folding park chairs and tree stump tables echo the bricks’ patina, creating a cohesive vintage-inspired outdoor space.

Sooth Fire Pit Idea

Smooth It Out Fire Pit Idea

Gonterman Custom Homes creates a chic outdoor space with a black, white, and gray palette. A rectangular white brick fire pit, smooth and modern, sits at the center. A matching blocky white banquette adds a sleek touch for comfortable conversation.

Fire Pit Kit

Fire Pit Kit Idea

Modern fire pit kit creates a warm, inviting backyard haven. Brick-like design adds style, perfect for cozy nights under the stars. Imagine crackling fire and plush seating (think armchairs) surrounded by loved ones. Personalize the space with colorful blankets for ultimate comfort.

Settle It

Square It Off Fire Pit Idea

Mindy Gayer Design Co. transforms this Corona del Mar, CA patio into a modern farmhouse haven. A square fire pit, crafted from white-painted brick, takes center stage nestled between the two arms of a plush, L-shaped sectional sofa. White wicker armchairs flank the opposite side, completing the inviting seating arrangement. The cohesive use of white brick, wicker, and upholstery creates a clean and inviting ambiance, perfectly embodying the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brick Fire Pits

Can you use regular bricks for a fire pit?

Indeed, ordinary bricks might be used for a fire pit; however, if done incorrectly, this could be extremely harmful. Firebricks are ideal for fire pits because regular bricks are frequently not strong enough to endure the intense heat and moisture that come with lighting one.

What do you put in the bottom of a brick fire pit?

Using a gravel paver base is advised. Additional materials that are frequently utilised for a fire pit’s bottom include sand, lava stones, mud, fire glass, and concrete slabs.

How do you bond fire pit bricks?

As you construct the fire pit walls, use construction glue to keep the concrete block pavers in place between the layers of blocks. The second row of blocks that was temporarily arranged should be removed. To secure everything in place, add small amounts of construction adhesive to the bottom layer.

What bricks should not be used for a fire pit?
Because regular bricks are so easily filled with trapped water vapour, using them can cause an explosion. Water may flow through fire bricks because they have enough holes in them.